Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day!

Easter 10 009I am thankful for the mother’s in my life.  I do have to give credit to my father about one thing. But before that, about my mother.

My mom is a southern belle from Shreveport, LA. She grew up and went to LSU where she met my father while working for the school newspaper. They were married about half a year later. They moved to Houston and she finished her degree at the University of Houston. After a few years there, they moved to St. Louis, MO. Just over a year after that, here comes Travis (two weeks late).

To say I was a pain growing up is probably an understatement. I never got into drugs or ran away from home (further than Dairy Queen about a mile from home). I would seem to seek out an argument no matter how wrong I was. She got grief from me A LOT! But my mother is not a woman to back down. She dealt with my stupid comments many of times. (I think we still have a wooden spoon still lurking in the kitchen.) And did I deserve it!

One time, I sat down with a mentor of mine at a Hardees in Kirkwood, MO. I was in high school at the time and we were talking about the relationship between my mother and me. He made a comment I will never forget. He told me, “Travis, one day, you and your mother will become good friends. Trust me.” I kind of pushed it to the side for the moment; however, once I got on my own after college and I started to realize what he was saying. There is a reason I WANTED to be good friends with my mother. That leads to the credit issued to my father. He told me several times, “Travis, they say you end of marrying someone like your mother.” Man, I am thankful God put these strong people in my life to show me these things, because they are absolutely correct.

My wife has been an amazing mother these past few months with Cameron. She wakes up with him in the middle of the night (and this is HUGE for someone who treasures sleep as much as she does), she worries over him over the littlest of issues and she loves him with all her heart.

I see that caring, nurturing attribute in both my mom and Stephanie. It is a huge blessing to not only be on the receiving end of those attributes growing up, but to see them passed along to my son now.

I know I have put both of these women through a lot but two both of them, thank you. Thank you for all that you have done for me and will continue to do for my family. You have no idea how incredibly blessed I am to have two strong, Christian women in my life that love me so with all my flaws.

I love you Stephanie. I love you Mom.

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