Sunday, July 31, 2011

Places to go visit–Seattle, WA

I have been thinking a lot lately of the places I have been to over the years. My first blog was on New Orleans. It does hold a special place in my heart as the town is where my dad grew up and have been there many times in my life. The following town does not have any sentimental reason on why I like it. It was just a lot of fun.

I have been to Seattle, WA twice in my life, six years apart. The first time I met a buddy who was doing a trip along the coastline and we met up there. We stayed close to downtown and did three days of all touristy things. We hit up the Space Needle. We went to Pike Place Fish Market and watched them throw fish right past our heads. We ate a lot of good seafood while we were there. We attended a Seattle Mariners game and had AWESOME seats thanks to a family friend.

The second time I went to Seattle was to visit some friends who I had not seen in years. They lived just outside of Seattle in a town called Bothell. During my time there, we did not even come close to downtown Seattle and loved it! It shows the variety of things to do in the city. The only real similar thing from the previous Seattle trip was the awesome seafood that we had. We drove all around and saw some great scenery. We “toured” Red Hook Brewery and by toured, we sat in a room with 50 other people and sampled some fresh adult beverages. I got to see watch salmon attempt to swim upstream. What this trip was teaching me was that there was so much more to this town than downtown.

I went to Seattle in May the first trip and August the second time. Both times, the weather cooperated for me (which I was told was a tad unusual). The first trip, I would not recommend the hotel; however, the second trip, I stayed at the SpringHill Suites in Bothell. Great hotel. If you do go to Seattle with someone who has never been, look for a hotel in downtown. That way, you are within walking distance of so many places. Weather you want to take a ferry trip or check out the night life downtown, it is very accessible. Downtown was very clean when we were down there. People care about their town up in Seattle.

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