Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ode to My Wife

Well, today marks my wife’s 30++ Birthday. We have just found out that our second child on the way will be another boy. She has become a part of the Young family tradition. My father has two 1565637258_mbrothers. His oldest brother has two boys and his two boys have a combined three boys and one girl (the only girl). My dad had two boys and we are now working on our second boy. My dad’s youngest brother has three boys. If you are trying to count that is a total of 15 boys against one girl.

Anyway, I am quite thankful for my bride. She has become an outstanding mother to Cameron and no doubt that baby number two will receive the same blessings as Cameron. It has been an adventure time with Cameron, since his birth; however, she has been the leader on what to do when it comes to handling him. Sometimes when she asks for me to do something for Cameron, I may think in my head to hesitate; however, I know there is a reason for it. Even if that reason is to let her breath for a minute, then I need to make it happen. I learn something new everyday from her on how to handle parenthood.

We started dating on September 20, 2006. That’s right, I remember the date! She has dealt with several of my vices. One would be sports. She has turned into a big time St. Louis Cardinals fan, mainly because of me. A month after we started dating, the PA140133_0266_266Cardinals were making their run at the 2006 World Series. She was trying to figure out why I was wearing the same sweatshirt and why I watched the games by myself. Welcome to the world of a superstitious sports fan. This year as the Cardinals won the World Series again, she was an old pro at things. She got to enjoy this World Series with me as we were at Game Seven of the World Series.

Another vice of mine: Work. A lot of times I will take work home with me or spend a few extra hours a week at work. It does come with the territory of being a hotel General Manager. You get called it at odd hours of the night. It can be a frustrating issue, but a necessary issue. She has accepted it with a TON of grace. As long as work does not replace family as the priority in our lives, she is okay with the job requirements.

Each day we are together, I see more and more we were meant to be. Whether it being her acceptance of my vices or the fact we get emotional over the same things. I realized that one night back in 2008. We had been engaged for a few months and were watching the DOVE awards, the Christian music world Grammy’s. As we were watching a song came on that dealt with the struggles she was going DSCN0788through (no the struggles were not getting married to me). After she left and went home, I know that was a sign from God that she was meant for me. I get emotional over some songs I hear as well. I always thought that when I got married, I would have to explain to the woman I married why I cry over random songs. Now I don’t. She knows. That is just who she is. She understands and loves me for who I am, just like our Father above.

To end this, of course, a song. This was played at our wedding by the recording artist himself. It was a fun wedding present for my wife to have this song played at our wedding. I love you Stephanie.

She–Radial Angel

Picture one taken by Erik Van Duyn, 2006.

Picture taken at our rehearsal dinner, 2008. No idea who took it.

Picture three taken by Kristi Yehling at Cameron’s First baseball game, May 2011.

Video taken at our wedding by Erik Van Duyn, November 15, 2008.

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