Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Valentine

When it comes to trying to go the extra mile for my wife, I learned an important lesson from my father. Go that extra mile, and keep sprinting!

Back in 2008, I finally woke up and proposed to my wife Stephanie. I did not even have a chance to ask the question and she saw the M+M's I got her specially made and what they said on them, she said yes and then was on the phone for a few hours with friends and family. We started going through the whole wedding process and yes, I said WE!

A situation arose in May that allowed the following event to happen. It just goes to show how God's grace is always there even in the darkest hours. Through a string of events, Stephanie's father had planned on not attending the wedding. It was a devastating blow to both of us, but more for Stephanie. So this is where the planning came in to play.

A year before we were dating, I heard this song on Yahoo Music by a band I had never heard of before. The name of the band was Radial Angel and the song was entitled "She." I thought this was such a cool song talking about the importance of what a woman means to a man. Again, Stephanie and myself were not dating at the time I heard this in my office of the Surprise Fightin' Falcons.

During our dating period, I gave her a mixed CD and this was the lead song. Stephanie had never heard it before but loved it!

Fast forward to June 2008. I sent an email to the band just asking what the cost would be to fly them out to the wedding and perform the song. I did not explain the circumstances as that was not my focus. A few weeks later, an email came back from the band and the lead singer Jared said he would be open to it.

I was floored. I responded back within seconds I believe. We ended up working out the details and he said for the cost of his flight and lodging and some food, he would do it at no additional cost. So after picking myself up off the floor another time, I said let's do it.

Now we had a budget for wedding presents for each other and I had to try and get within that budget. I ended up getting a free flight with Southwest after a roundtrip flight to St. Louis in October (Thanks Kristi and Matt). I booked his flight, which was free and his hotel stay (he stayed for a decent rate at a certain hotel in Glendale, AZ where I knew the GM) and got him a gift card for grub and the plan was set.

The week before the wedding, I was working the night audit shift at the hotel and printed out the lyrics to the song.

She, by Radial Angel

she is my inspiration
she is my destination
and i want her, to hold my
heart in her hands
and she is the one, that holds
my life in her heart
right from the start

when will i see her again
when will i see her

she is the one who brings life to my heart
but i find myself in doubt
thinking all this is my fault
but i know that she loves me
but i always questioned
and she thinks that love
comes from the stars
but i know she's right but i, i need her
she's mine, all i need is what i need

when will i see her again
when will i see her

she, she's a lot things
she, she's my everything

she, she's the little things
she, she's my everything
that I ever wanted

she is my, she's my everything
she is my, she's my everything

It really hit me at that moment what was happening. I was getting married to THIS woman. What a huge blessing God had given me in Stephanie. Simply amazing.

Jared was coming to the wedding so he became my cousin from my second Aunt Brenda. My cousin josh did a great job playing along with it too. Man, he got thrown into that with very little time to react!

Jared arrived on a Friday and he got his favorite In 'N Out Burger (gag.) but everyone else loves it. I dropped him off at the hotel about 15 minutes before Stephanie and her family showed up to drop stuff off (phew).

I changed the order of the first dance's to accommodate everything and everyone. We had Katrina and Stephen sing our first dance song, When God Made You and they were amazing! Then the moment came. Stephanie sat in her chair and it all happened. The video of it is on my facebook page at the links below.!/video/video.php?v=1056898109413!/video/video.php?v=1056913029786

Special thanks to Erik and Rick for they different camera shots of the song. Also, thanks to Jared for doing all that he did. Amazing!

After all of this, she is now carrying a future baby boy. SHE is an amazing woman. I love you Stephanie!


  1. I love this story - it meant so much that you wanted to make our day so special. I am so grateful for your love. Happy Valentine's Day honey, I love you!

  2. That was one of the coolest moments in a whole series of cool moments. When "long lost cousin" Jared started singing that was a wow moment.