Saturday, February 13, 2010

Phoenix Part 4: When a phone call from Seattle and a friend's wedding combine to lead to a future.

So I have started a new job and loving it. I worked through Spring Training, which is BIG in Phoenix so I got enough of baseball while working at the SpringHill Suites. I was learning more and more about the hotel business. It was quite an exciting time.

What made it better working for a hotel, I discovered things like discounts to hotel rooms. In my tenure with Marriott, I am fairly sure my parents took advantage of the discounts more than I did. But I still got some pretty sweet deals. I finally took advantage of a hotel stay when I went to Seattle to visit friends of mine Greg and Melissa Milford and their newborn.

I flew in on a Friday afternoon and we grabbed lunch and hung out and caught up. I had not seen Greg in quite a few years and this was the guy that helped to start the day of not moving and watching football (Erik, we perfected it with college basketball). We relaxed that evening to some fresh seafood and good conversation.

The next day we did the RedHook Ale Tour. Their tour is a little different than Anheuser Busch Tour. They give you more beer and it is a LOT heavier than A/B. Also, you are in one room and not doing any touring. So after waiting an hour to just relax before heading back to Greg's house, we did head back. We got some dinner that night and then I just went back to the hotel room.

A little bit later on I called that Bible study leader talked about previously and we started talking as we had not talked or seen each other in awhile. I think we ended up talking about everything in our life as we were on the phone for a few hours. We talked about catching up when I got back but also new we would see each other at Erik and Ginny's wedding in a few weeks. So we planned on catching up then as we were both in the wedding.

So I got back from Seattle and the next few weeks were spent working and then heading to Erik and Ginny's wedding. They had a rehearsal dinner on a Friday evening and I only knew a few people from the wedding party. I did catch up to that Bible Study leader and we talked for a few minutes. She was more heavily involved in the wedding than I was as she was a maid of honor so she was pulled in a few directions.

The next morning, I gave my buddy Erik a call to see how he was doing. During that conversation, I revealed something to him that I am not sure my wife to this day is unaware of. Erik and I were joking over a few things as I had to keep the mood light as it is a big change for the man too!!! I told him that I would probably end up getting married to that Bible Study Leader in a few years. We both laughed and he asked when and I told him to give me a few years.

Now to this point, there was no talking of this Bible Study leader (Stephanie) and myself dating. All we did was just talk on the phone for a few hours while I was in Seattle. Weird thing to say, to say the least but it was a feeling.

The wedding went on as planned and was a great evening. The one thing I remember was right before the wedding, Stephanie tracked me down and gave me a gift. This was a few hours after that phone conversation with Erik. WEIRD! It was a flask with a Russian emblem on it. I accepted and thanked her for it.

After the wedding, I met Stephanie and her friend at church that night and I was still in my tux. best dressed attendee ever on a Saturday evening service there! We all went out to dinner after church and just relaxed from the day's activities. Little did I know there was little time for relaxing!

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  1. What do you mean, your parents took more advantage of the hotel discounts than you did? We just don't let grass grow under our feet.

    I'm learning a lot of things reading these posts.