Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Mother

Well today is my Mother’s XX Birthday. If I mentioned how old on the blog, I think I may have to buy my way back into their will.

I have mentioned her in several blogs I have done regarding mother’s day and what she means to us all. She worked right until the time I was born and then stayed at home. She raised me to: 1. Love God, 2. Love your family, and 3. To think of others before you. If it sounds familiar, you can check out the Bible and the Ten Commandments!

She never relented on those with myself or my brother who was born nearly eight years after me. I remember how she ran this Star program with me that for every chore I did, I got a Star. Every time I did something bad or forgot to do something, I had a Star taken away from my chart. Usually in the end, I would say I would 30break even. I could cash my Stars in for a trip to Dairy Queen or to a local candy store, Brownies. I would have to be extremely good for a week to even have a chance at one of those. Not that the program was hard, I was always making her mad and losing stars all over the place.

We struggled with our relationship growing up. We do differ in our personality; however, she never adapted to me. She knew what her views were correct and she made sure that was drilled into me. Very rarely now will you not hear me say “No” or “Yes” and not have it followed by a “Sir” or “Mam.”

She made sure me and my brother always were given the best chance to grow into a Christian man. She would support us no matter what. I have mentioned this in a previous blog a year ago; however, this is how I will always remember my mom. I was twenty years old and a good friend had recently passed away. His funeral was out of state and she made sure I was going to get there on a road trip. We left the day of her birthday. She could care less if I was there for her birthday or if I got her anything. What she cared about was her son getting to where he needed to be. It showed me the sacrifice of a mother.

DSC05132She has been to many places around the country and in Europe. In fact, this weekend she is in one of her favorite cities with my dad in Chicago. However, she is always thinking of her family no matter where she is. Even today, when we called her to wish her happy birthday, she is asking about her grandson and how he is doing. Wanting to ask about my work and how my wife has been doing. We have a present and a card waiting for her when she gets back, but she does not care about that. She got to hear from those she loves. That is what matters.

I am thankful I married to a woman who I see a lot of the same characteristics of my mother. Nonetheless, my mother is one of a kind and I am truly blessed to call her my mother and my son’s nana!

Mom, happy birthday today! We love you!

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  1. Your XX-year-old mother says your words about the star chart brought back "fond" memories. Actually, she said to tell you how much she appreciated the post.

    And I agree -- she is one of a kind.