Saturday, May 15, 2010

My brother, the Mizzou Alum

Travis 054

Today is quite a big day in the Young households. My brother Andrew will be graduating from the University of Missouri. It is crazy to think that this moment has come in our family. Not that he is not smart because he is quite smart (sadly to admit, smarter than me); however, this is so big because Andrew and I are the only children to our parents. My parents I think have dreamed for this moment for the past 22+ years but I think it is something they will miss as well.

Andrew and I were INCREDIBLY blessed growing up, but not spoiled. We had to work when we turned 16 (I believe I was umpiring at the age of 14 and Andrew was working at a camp and with me at the Rascals at 16). They taught us that if you work hard in life and keep your focus on Christ, that you will be rewarded. Maybe not monetarily, but in other ways that you cannot put a priceTravis 053 tag on this Earth. Even through ALL the hardships we put them through (yes Andrew, we challenged science and how close we could give  parents heart attacks), they would always be there to back us up. They still do to this day with babysitting their first grandson while their son and daughter-in-law go out to dinner. To my parents, we say thank you as well. We might give you grief in things we do or say, but we appreciate all that you have sacrificed for us. We would not be the people we are today without your guidance and your love.

Andrew is more of the student than I ever could be. Not saying I had the gifts to be a better student, I just chose not to use them. Andrew did and got scholarships to Mizzou and got involved in different activities on campus. We both had different routes of getting to Mizzou and different experiences at the university. However, Andrew ends his journey today the same way I did.

I am proud to call Andrew my brother. I am excited to see what God has in plans for him over the next ten years. It has already been an exciting year as he has become an Uncle who LOVES his nephew. Now he graduates and he has a job with a major insurance company in Kansas (wear that Black and Gold proudly Andrew!) which he starts in just a few weeks. Travis 014

Today will be the last time for AWHILE to hear a Young graduating and walking to get his diploma. Soak in everything today Andrew. Enjoy this moment and be proud that you have gotten to this point. This is a major accomplishment. Use this and keeping on pushing forward. I am proud to call you brother, friend and my son’s uncle. I love you Andrew.

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  1. From your mother:

    Oh Travis. We are so blessed to have the two of you as our children. Thank you for the touching post.

    Love, Mom