Sunday, March 21, 2010

Phoenix Part 11- Wedding(s) all over and possibly the feeling to move away?

We had quite a run of weddings going, including ours in the fall of 2008. It started when one of my best friends was getting married in St. Louis. When came back in town for her wedding and of course tried to see as many people as possible. We had a blast at the wedding and the reception felt like a high school reunion. I ran into guys I had not seen in 10 years. We flew back to Phoenix on a Saturday and then on the following Thursday morning, we started the drive from Phoenix to Albuquerque for another wedding. This was for a buddy who I knew since I was in the 7th grade. A great wedding and a great weekend. I got to see people I knew from college and St. Louis as well. As we drove back to Phoenix, me and the future wife realized the next wedding was ours.

There was never a time that I felt nervous leading up to the wedding or anything. The final week I had to crash on my buddies couch as Stephanie needed to move in a week before the wedding. Was not a big deal for me other than I missed my new Marriott Bed!

The wedding was such a great day! Gorgeous November Phoenix day. We were surrounded by a lot of great family and friends. I got to pull off a great surprise for the wife (see My Valentine Blog). It was such a blur but that day I will remember forever!

We went to the Cayman Islands for the honeymoon. I think we fell in love with the island and have talked about going back in about 5 years. Amazing experience down there and this time, we are going to make it to StingRay Island. No hurricane will stop us this time!

About two weeks after the honeymoon, we flew back to St. Louis for the final wedding of four weddings in two months. Colder day than our wedding (it was St. Louis in December) but a great wedding. It was at a gorgeous church to say the least!

We got back to Phoenix and were able to take a breath. We spent Christmas in San Diego and had a great view of San Diego Bay. It was a great weekend to spend our first Christmas. The first Christmas Dinner, well I think I could have done better. I had worked during the day and the we left to San Diego. We got in around 9pm and tried to find a place open for dinner. The place we were able to find: Carl's Jr. Once we got the front of drive-thru, we saw a Sizzler was open. Not much better, but better than drive thru.

I was beginning to prepare for a trip to New Orleans for work when I was doing some thinking. Stephanie and I had begun to talk about where we were looking to live in the future and we both felt that Phoenix was not the final spot for us. Since the first time she visited St. Louis, she loved the town. I was hoping for the Midwest but she was shooting for St. Louis. I was talking to my friend Kristi (first wedding in our four wedding extravaganza) and she was telling me about a hospitality company her uncle worked for in St. Louis. I checked out the website and sent out my resume to their HR Director. She told me that if I was ever in St. Louis, to let her know and we would sit down.

Phoenix Part 12- Trip to New Orleans and a trip to St. Louis that was 100% meant for Father's Day

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