Friday, March 11, 2011

March 11, One Year Later

Well, March 11th started very early for me. I was awoken at about 1:15am and told that they were taking me downstairs as my wife was due to give birth within the hour to our baby boy. I went from dead asleep to wide awake real quick!

I got wheeled into the room and many shocking things were goingDSC_0033 on. First of all, I was being wheeled into the room on a stretcher, well because I could not do anything else after the surgery. Secondly, I see my mother and mother-in-law in the room assisting the wife through the contractions. Thirdly, I see one of my closest friends, whom I have known since I was six, in the room taking video of the birth. Emotions were running high!

My wife was simply amazing through the process. With all the stress that she was under, she had such a great strength from God and man did she have to show it.

A doctor finally arrived as we waited on our doctor to drive to the hospital. The doctor and a nurse were going back and forth over why he was not called sooner and on and on. I think all of wanted to yell at him to shut up and do your job!

Well he did his job. At 2:15am on March 11, 2011, Cameron Andrew Young was born into the world. And I quote the doctor, “Here is your toddler.” I was just DSC_0041excited he was here. Then came the fun news. We were waiting to see how big he was. The nurses looked at each other and then directly at me. I knew he was a big boy but how big?? Especially if the nurses are “glaring” at me?????

10 pounds, 3 ounces.

That’s right. The wife did this naturally and with all the stress of my surgery. WHAT A WOMAN!

I was able to cut the umbilical cord. Our doctor arrived about 5 minutes after the delivery. She kept apologizing but everyone did their job and we are so grateful to this day for that hospital. The worked around us and our situation. We are thankful that God put that hospital into our lives. He knew what we were going through and for us, that was the only place to be cared for properly.

I thank God each day for my wife, my son, my family, my friends, St. Clare Hospital, and most of all, to God. All we can say is, “How Great is our God.”

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