Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March 9th, One Year Later

Well, so here we are, March 9th, 2011. For 29 years, it was like any other day for me. Then came March 9, 2010.

I had just turned 30 and we were planning on heading in to begin the process of welcoming our first born into the world. It was going to be about five days early than our due date; however, Cameron was going to be ready to come out according to the doctors.

So I worked at the hotel that day where I had been GM for just over a month now. I was trying to get everything taken care of before I was going to take a week off with the new baby. Everyone wished me luck and off I was.

I went home and picked the wife up, who to say the least, was excited. We were going to the airport to pick her mom up from Arkansas. Once we did that, we met my parents at a Deli for dinner. We all sat there, prayed and enjoyed our time together.

We arrived at the hospital at about 10pm to get all situated. We got to our room and her mom and my parents went home for the night. The plan was to get Stephanie started on the induction process. The drugs were going to working throughout the night and a baby would be arriving later the next day. Well, plans were to be a changing.

So, I was in and out of sleep as we waited for the nurse to come in March 9th, 2010and get the drugs going. I took the following picture at a little before 11pm while waiting before the drugs started and sleep would come over the both of us. The wife is not a huge fan of it, but it is all over Facebook so not like it has not been seen before. I love you wife!!

So, the nurse comes in and starts to get the process going. I got up and walked around to the other side of the bed. The wife is terrified of needles and wishes them all harm. They were having an issue getting the previously mentioned needle into her arm. She began to cry from the pain. I stood there and held her hand and tried to calm her down. A feeling started to come over me like I needed a soda or something with sugar. The last thing I remember is saying “I don’t feel very we…..”

Next Blog – March 10th – I just came for a baby.

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