Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother’s Day Part 1–Ode to Grandma

This is a different Mother’s Day for our family. This is the first time my father cannot call my grandmother and say Happy Mother’s Day. She passed away a few months ago and is deeply missed. The lasting memory I have of my grandma is her holding Cameron in the picture below. I remember us trying to get a picture of her with Cameron and she looked at me and said her amazing New Orleans accent, “Dawlin’ you are going to have to set him on my lap. He is a BIG boy!” She was right. Cameron was a big boy (1o lbs 3 ounces) and he was a beast four months in this picture below.

Grandma and Cameron

There were many other pictures taken with her throughout the years. Between second lining on a boat with her and grandpa when I was six to my high school graduation. All of them remind me of a happy time with her. She grew up in the depression and lived off of very little as a young girl. Through many stories I have heard from my father and many times witnessed myself, she is one I will always admire and be thankful to call her my grandmother.


She was an amazing woman and one that we will miss in our family. So on this Mother’s Day, I pray for my dad and his two brothers as they miss there mom. But I promise all three of them this: There will be banana fritters had somewhere just for her. We miss you grandma and we love you.

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  1. Banana fritters indeed. Love you Grandma and so thankful we will see you again in Heaven.