Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother’s Day Part 3–My Amazing Wife

One person I continue to look up is my wife. How she does what she does with our two amazingly crazy boys is beyond me. I am thankful that she was given to me by God. She has put up with so much from me and the boys. She deals with the kids with my crazy work schedule while going back to school and starting a business with her photography. It blows me away.

When I met her, she was not someone to talk to before 10am on most days. She enjoys her sleep. She enjoyed her 8, 10, 12 hours of sleep. Now, she enjoys three straight hours of sleep if she can get it. That is what makes her the amazing person she is. She wants to do what is best for her family, even if that means she loses sleep.

So to honor my wife, I want to play the song from our wedding nearly 5.5 years ago. There is a long story on how this song was played at our wedding; however, the important thing is: She was worth it bringing him to sing our song. This song still hits me when I hear it when cutting the grass or driving to work.

I love you Stephanie. Happy Mother’s Day!!

Jared Taber – She

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